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Naruto Fan Art
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This is a community for consistent posting of Naruto-related fanart. Simple rules:

  1. One drawn picture per post, not too big, not too small. No fan fiction, no icons, no huge images, no cosplay photos, no image collections. There are no strict rules for how many pixels the picture should have, but it should be big enough for the viewers to decide if they like it, and small enough to not corrupt the f-list/rss stream.

  2. Always direct link to the source: Live Journal, Deviant Art, Sheezy Art, Y!Galleries, artist's own website, whatever. No unknown art, no links to 4chan, Image Shack, Tiny Pic. If the same piece is posted in several places, we would appreciate if you give all links that you know.

  3. At least one canon character from Naruto anime/manga on a picture. Crossovers and different styles are welcome as well. Mary Sue pictures ("my OC and (canon character)") are frown upon. Abstractly themed pictures ("bunch of ANBUs running through the woods", "random ninjas fighting Kyubi") are allowed as long as it's obvious they hail from Naruto universe.

  4. Minimal accompanying text in English. A good picture speaks for itself.

  5. High artistic quality. Own works are welcome, as soon as they are really good. Even if the entry gets accepted and then receives too much negative feedback from subscribers, it might be removed.

  6. No "adult" pictures: NC-17 content such as sex or full nudity is not welcome in this community. You can post art from Yaoi Galleries and link there as long as the picture itself is not rated too high.

  7. Preferably tag the entry with given names of the characters drawn on the picture. This is not mandatory, but surely will help searching when the community will become big. Please choose real names over titles and nicknames (Minato over Yondaime, Jiraiya over Gamasennin, Tenzo over Yamato), but titles over clan names (Sandaime over Sarutobi), Japanese terms over English translations (Kyubi over Demon Fox, Onikyodai over Demon Brothers), don't mark long vowels (choose Choji over Chouji, Jugo over Juugo), and use group tags (ANBU, Akatsuki) only when the group is considerably big and distinctive, and the attributes are apparent.

Anyone can join the community and post to it, but the entries are pre-moderated - they will need to get approved before publicly appearing. There are no strict rules for comments - only holy wars turning into cat fights will be stopped. Default language is English, but you may use any other language if you are sure you will be understood.

A special DeviantArt account ~narutofanartlj was created to keep track of what has already been posted. Since it favs every picture that is presented here, some people might find it more useful to look at that account's favourites to see the history of this community (it obviously does not contain pictures taken from outside DA).

In trouble contact the community maintainer, spiderhood.

All the works posted here may be copyrighted partially or completely by Kishimoto Masashi, Shounen Jump and/or by the artist(s) who drew them. We do not claim that they belong to us in any way. If you want to use one of the pictures here on your website, please ask the author(s) for permission directly and/or consult their website for a release license.

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